10 Items You Won’t Need On Your Trip

You’ve decided to take a trip, but who says you can’t do it without the items you generally take on every trip? Whether you’re taking a summer vacation without your kids, an extended vacation, or just a weekend getaway, there are items you can easily leave behind. Here are some things you won’t need on your trip:

  1. Conventional neck pillows – These pillows are designed to help you get a better night’s sleep, and they can make all the difference on long-haul flights. However, just because they’re beneficial doesn’t mean you need them. For example, do you really need to bring your pillow on a 12-hour flight? Not only are they bulky, but they also take up room in hand luggage.
  2. DSLR – When traveling, it can be a good idea to bring a DSLR camera along. That way, you can capture those beautiful scenes that are worth living and dying for. But, you may be tempted to bring along both a camera and laptop, instead of just one of them. The problem with that is that you may end up lugging around two heavy cameras and a laptop when all you really need is one. So, if you can decide which one is the most important to bring along, that would be better.
  3. Hair Straighteners – You don’t need to pack a hair straightener in your bag! We’ve found three items you won’t need on your trip that will leave you with short hair, even if you’re away for a long time. So don’t worry and feel guilty leaving it at home.
  4. Bath towels – Bath Towels are one of those items you probably won’t be packing when you go on vacation, but you really need one. Maybe you can get away with bringing a small washcloth or two, but one thing’s for certain: you’ll need to wash your hair and body. The good news is that you can do both of those things anywhere. If you’re headed to a beach or to a hotel with a pool, it’s easy enough to get a beach towel or pool towel and use those instead.
  5. Books – If you’re a bookworm, you probably already have the tools to fill your bag with all the books you need, but packing everything takes time and space, and it might be easier just to leave some of your favorite books at home.
  6. Unnecessary Makeup products – One of the products you won’t need on your trip is the excessive amount of makeup products that you have and will be taking with you. It’s like packing for a 15-day visit to Europe, but the amount of clothes you have is only for a 3-day trip. It’s estimated that nearly 75% of women use cosmetics to enhance their appearance, but not all of these products are necessary.
  7. Bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner – Starting a holiday without packing your usual toiletries could seem like a daunting task. While you won’t have access to the products you’re used to, there are plenty of other items you can bring instead that will help you keep clean and refreshed throughout your travels.
  8. A lot of pairs of shoes – If you are traveling for work, there is no need to bring a second pair of shoes to a casual meeting. You can wear your comfortable day shoes instead. If you are on a weekend trip, you can avoid bringing several pairs of shoes if one pair will be suitable.
  9. Your entire wardrobe – When you travel, having the right clothes is important. But some clothes are simply not needed when you travel. As a general rule, you won’t need to bring many items on your travels. Only the clothes you need to pack will fit in your suitcase, leaving the rest of your belongings at home.
  10. The “just in case” foods and snacks – Once we have planned our trip, we start thinking about the things we won’t need on our trip but still need to bring with us. These are usually things that are familiar but not necessarily as important. Things like: snacks, toothbrushes, extra clothes, and toiletries are all examples of these.

You know that you shouldn’t need basic “do it yourself” tools like pliers, a hammer, a shovel, or even a saw to complete your trip, right? Because we all know that DIY tools are no fun to carry with you, and you’ll probably end up with a bad case of back pain from carrying around heavy tools that you’ll never use. Same as with the things listed above, it is better to bring one pair or piece of it or not bring it all on your trip.

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