Who is Alexander Nikolaev Fol

Alexander Nikolaev Fol is a Bulgarian chronicler, philologist as well as political leader of the Bulgarian Communist Party (). Among the major numbers in Bulgarian thracology, he was close to Lyudmila Jivkova, daughter of dictator Todor Zhivkov, as well as in 1979– 1986 he was Minister of Public Education.

He was awarded the order of 13 centuries Bulgaria– 1984, the order “Stara Planina” (2003) as well as the highest possible award of the University– the medal “St. Kliment Ohridski”. Kiril “with Blue Ribbon (2000 ). He is a cavalier of the French Order of Arts and Sciences (1998 ). Honorary professor of the brand-new Bulgarian University (2003 ). 1


Alexander Fol was born upon 3 July 1933 in Sofia in the family members of the writer Nikolay Fol. He graduated “background” and also “Classical Philology” at Sofia University in 1957 as well as obtained the Candidate of historical scientific researches (today: Doctor of History) in 1966 as well as Doctor of Historical Sciences in 1985 (with thesis on “Thracian Orphism”). He focuses on college de France, Paris in 1967 and also at the German Archaeological Institute in Berlin.

He is creator of the Institute of Thracology (later on Institute of Thracology, “Prof. Alexander Fol “, today– part of the Institute for Balkan Studies with facility of Thracology) of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. In old as well as Bulgarian culture at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” Kliment Ohridski (1991) and also in old history as well as thracology at the New Bulgarian University (1999 ).

He came to be an associate teacher in 1972 and a professor in 1975 started the Institute of Thracology at BAS in 1972 and also was his supervisor up until 1992, as well as secretary General of the International Council for Indo-European and thracological studies. He is additionally the founder of the Department of Old History as well as Thracology (1979) at the Faculty of Sofia UNIVERSITY, which led till 1987, as well as the National High School for Ancient Languages as well as Cultures (1977 ). He composes countless monographs, researches and articles in Bulgarian, German, Italian as well as English languages.

In the 60 years Alksandar fol ended up being part of the circle of young intellectuals around Lyudmila Zhivkova. After her altitude of political settings in the early 70, he topped the new Institute of Thracology, and when she topped the art and also Culture Committee in 1975, he became her first deputy. He helps the propaganda campaigns of Jivkova to promote the Bulgarian culture and also historical heritage abroad, takes part actively in the organization of the exhibition “Thracian Art as well as culture in the Bulgarian Lands”, which is provided in 25 nations Around the globe.

From 1977 to 1981, a participant of the BCP CCP, and also from 1981 to 1990, was a participant of the BCP CCP [4]

FOL is once again a temporary chairman of the National Council for Culture, Education and Science in 1989.


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