There are many hypothesis from were ancient Thracians came from.

They were a tribe who lived 5000 years ago in the aria Balkans whose land in a present days is modern Bulgaria, located between Romania on the North, Yugoslavia on the West, Greece and Turkey on the south and the unforgettable Black See on the east dividing Bulgaria and Russia. Laying on the cross roads between Asia and Europe the Thracians lived on North till mountains Karpation, on West till River Vardar, on South till Aegis Sea and on the east till Black Sea. The Thracian were along the side of Trojans fighting against the Byzantium (present Greece) in the epos of the Greek Omir and the names of Thracian are found of Critski –Mitic drawing from caves. After the colonization of Greeks on the Thracian coast in 7th century BC the events of Thracian lives are growing more in the Greek poetry.

For example Herodoth mentioned Teres-the first extremely powerful King of Odrin Kingdom. His inheriting Kings-Siltak, Sparadok, Sevt and Kotis succeed to combine all of the tribes on the territory in piece and after Kotis death the three of them separated the Kingdom of Thracians. This reason benefited the invasions of King Philip the II Makedonski and his son Alexander Makedonski (Alexander the Great) which concurred and put under their control part of the south Thracian’s lands. The culture and mythology of Thrace (Bulgaria now) is not so largely known on the west, having been described by Greek centered view of early European history. The Thracians were a fierce powerful people ruled by tribal priest kings. They were excellent warriors renowned for their skill and bravery in battle, fighting along side the Trojans against the Greeks in the Trojan War. They were expert horse breeders, produced fine wines and were master metalworkers, creating exquisite adornments, objects and vessels in silver and gold.

Ancient Greek authors describe them as high-spirited, violent, uninhibited, lusty, musical and artistic. Thracians were extremely experienced in herbal medicine including the beauty of their women, which in now days you can still see in this extraordinary small country on the Balkans. In the beginning of III century BC Celt tribes invaded the Balkans and created their own country which died in 218 BC. In 395 the province Thrace was a part of the East Rome Empire (Byzantium). In V century AC pro-to-Bulgarians invaded these territories and in VI century AC Slavic people vastly occupied the same arias.

During the period IV-VI Century the Thrace was an object of permanent invasions which change her view and culture drastically.
During VII Century AC was created the country of Bulgaria on a part of these territories.

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