The Enon Mound An Adena Burial Mound Enon, Ohio Clark County

The Enon Adena burial mound is considered the second biggest Adena mound in Ohio; second only to the great Miamisburg Mound. It is also known as the Knob Prairie Mound. It is located in a residential section of the village of Enon, Ohio.

There is a legend that the mound was crudely excavated in the 19th century. However, this is questionable. Another, more likely legend, is that George Rogers Clark and his troops in 1780 used the top of the Enon Mound to scout for Indians during his campaign against the Shawnee capital of Piqua that was located two miles north of Enon.

DIRECTIONS: Enon is located off of the Dayton Bypass, Rt. 675. Take the Dayton-Springfield Road north-east to Enon. Turn right onto Indian Drive. This will take you to Indian Mound Circle. You can also turn off State Route 70 onto Enon Road (exit 48) going south which will take you to the Dayton-Springfield Road (Main Street). Turn left on Main Street and then turn right onto Indian Drive to Indian Mound Circle.