Myths and also Legends: about the Golden Fleece from the collection of Bozhkov

An event of artefacts from Vassil Bozhkov’s individual collection retells the old Greek misconception of the Golden Fleece and also the march of

the Argonauts.

The subject of the presentation is understood with 62 things, 16 of which are presented for the very first time to the general public, revealed today by the exhibit team.v

Visitors can see silver and gold vessels, rhyons, red-colored flower holders, ritual things, funeral gifts, routine workshops, Bulphoto.

The previous exposition of Vassil Bozhkov- “Thrace as well as the old World” was in 2011 in the National History Museum. The after that director of NMH Bozhidar Dimitrov figured out the presented collection of rhyons as larger as well as a lot more expensive than the state.

Managers of the “Golden Fleece. The road of the Argonauts is Dr. Lyubava Konova and Elka Penkova– specialists in Thracian and also old history and also archaeology.

The exhibition will have the ability to be checked out from March 16 to June 10, 2018 in the National Gallery– the royal residence.