This area was the home of the prehistoric Adena and Hopewell Indians. Later, three major historic tribes dwelled in southwest Ohio: the Wyandot, the Miami and the Shawnee. The original valley was named Caesar’s Creek after a black slave named Caesar who was captured by the Shawnee. They gave this valley to him as his hunting grounds in the late 18th century. The famous Bullskin Trace follows the eastern ridge. It became part of the Underground Railroad which led runaway slaves to the many Quaker homesteads in the area. In 1978 the Army Corps of Engineers flooded the Caesar’s Creek Valley to aid with flood control of the Little Miami River watershed. While cutting trees and dismantling buildings, many original log cabins were discovered in the valley. Many were moved to Pioneer Village, a reconstructed settlement of circa 1800. It is located on the east shore of the lake at Wellman (also called Hen Peck).